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New Engine Building Equipment

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Rottler EM45 CNC Machine *BRAND NEW*


The Rottler EM45 is the manufacturer’s newest boring and surfacing machine to hit the market.

Fentech PIN PRESS RAM *Fits Sunnen BP-10*


Travel Length: 10-1/8” (256mm)

Terminator SW2444 Spray washer series

Model SW-2432 also available

Both Terminator models sport a spacious 24" diameter heavy duty turntable, and can be purchased with a 32" vertical height or a taller 44" vertical

Rottler F10X

Rottler CNC Automatic Programmable Hole-to-Hole Cylinder Boring Machine 1.5 - 9.0" (38 - 230mm) Diameter with Optional Equipment

Machine Operations
•Boring & Sleeving
•Connecting Rod Boring
•Cylinder Boring
•Multi Purpose CNC (Custom Parts)

Rottler F103A

Traveling Column Boring, Surfacing & Line Boring Machine

The F103A is designed for machining smaller engine blocks used in ‘On Highway' applications such as trucks and buses.

Rottler EM69P

5-Axis CNC Porting and Machining Center

Machine Operations
•5 Axis CNC Digitizing
•Automatic Tool Changer
•Block Surfacing
•CNC Head Porting

Rottler S86A Surfacer

CNC Automatic Surfacing Machine

Machine Operations
•Block Surfacing
•Cylinder Head Resurfacing
53" Cutter Travel
16" Milling head diameter

Pro Ultrasonics 6030 LT

With Lift Table

Cleaning Tank 60" x 30" x 26" deep

240 Gallon capacity

Pro Ultrasonics 4230

*New Unit*

Cleaning Tank: 42" x 30" x 18" deep

120 gallons