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Crack Detection

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CCP/MTE Pressure testers

PT-38 AND PT-48

we have a PT-38 AND PT-48 pressure testers complete with tooling and plates

$2000 bucks each

PT-38 Pressure Tester


complete with tooling and plates

Magnaflux Wet Mag Crack Checker

and De-Mag Unit

With Demag unit
12" I.D. Ring
27" Length capacity

Magnaflux V100 inspection machine

up to 100 inch crankshaft capacity

High Quality good used Magnaflux V100 inspection machine will inspect up to 100 inch crankshaft or head etc.

CCP/MTE PT-38 Pressure Tester


38 inch length capacity

Tetroc Model CD3 Crack Detector


220 volt single phase

MTE/CCP PT-30 Pressure Tester


complete with all plates and fixturing shown

Kwik-way Mag End shots and ring


220 volt 3 phase

needs a little work - call for info

$1750 or best offer