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Used Engine Building Equipment

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Serv Equip SE3301 Powerstroke Cylinder Hone

with 6 torque plates!

Torque plate list includes: (2-SBC, 1 - 400 chevy,1-SB ford, 1-BB ford, and 1-BBC)
located in Nebraska

Peterson SRA30 Spring Removal/Assembly Bench


air powered
900lbs spring capacity

Quelo RV-2000 Valve Grinder


used very little
comes with bench
located in Missouri

Kwik Way 042 Guide & Seat Machine

with tooling

220 volt 3 phase

Kwik Way 042 Valve Guide & Seat Machine

with tooling

Complete with all tooling shown
220 volt 3 phase
Power column

RMC LB7000 Universal Linebore Machine

with optional 5.9 cummins support arm

RMC LB7000 Universal Align Boring Machine Description:

Serv Equip Bake Oven

Natural Gas Fired

Has removable basket
lots of extra clamping rods

Berco AC-1400 Boring Milling machine


includes boring spindle only

Storm Vulcan 360A Surface Grinder *LARGE*

110" Length Capacity

110" Length Capacity
42" Height Capacity
Set up to wet grind
Functional machine not used in several years

Berco Line Boring Bar 25mm

Fits BC-4 and BC-5 Linebore machines

includes bearings and accessories