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Used Engine Building Equipment

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Sioux 2001 Valvegrinder


110 volt
clean used machine
Brand new stones on both ends

Sunnen PLB-100 Linebore Attachment


Used on top alcohol motors. Also sbc/BBc bushings

Sunnen CK-10 Powerstroke Cylinder Hone


Includes CK-3000 standard hone head
Includes standard tooling and stone inserter
220 volt 3 phase
clean and repainted

Honing Oil 55 Gallon Drums


$650 each
plus shipping

Winona Van Norman Cap Grinder


110 volt
located in Nebraska

Serv Equip SE3301 Powerstroke Cylinder Hone

with 6 torque plates!

Torque plate list includes: (2-SBC, 1 - 400 chevy,1-SB ford, 1-BB ford, and 1-BBC)
located in Nebraska

T&S Guide and Seat Machine


with tooling shown

PMW 112 Spray Wash Cabinet

220 volt single phase

26" diameter turntable
32" inside height
50 gallon capacity
3hp 220 volt 1 phase
220 volt 1 phase heat

Peterson SRA30 Spring Removal/Assembly Bench


air powered
900lbs spring capacity