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Connecting Rod Equipment

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Sunnen 1699 Rod shop package *complete package*


1699 hone
AG-300 gage
All mandrels shown in mandrel cabinet
mandrel storage cabinet
TN-111 rod aligner

Sunnen CG-780 Rod and Cap grinder

Newest Style Clamp

110 volt

Sunnen 1699 Rod Honing Package


Includes AG-300 gage
CR mandrels 1450, 1600, 1750, 1900, 2100, 2300, 2500
lots of small end mandrels in mandrel storage cabinet.

Sunnen Rod Vices


make offer

Sunnen CRH-50 Rod Heater


110 volt

Sunnen 1699 Rod Hone with AG300 Gage


Mandrels and mandrel cabinet available
let us know what you need for mandrels and we will make a package deal!!

110 volt

Sunnen 1699 Rod hone package


with several CR mandrels and an AG-300 gage
110 volt
nice clean unit

Sunnen BP-10 Rod Press


110 volt