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Connecting Rod Equipment

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Sunnen TN-111 Rod aligners


300 bucks each

Sunnen rod vise


been beat on
bracket welded on bottom for mounting on side of bench

K.O. LEE Rod Aligner PAIR


All goes with for $350
Red one is approx. 18" Long
Gray one is approx. 24" long

Sunnen LBB-1299 Rod Hone with AG-300 Gage


110 volt
Splash Sheilds have been removed for shipping
Includes AG-300 Gage
Many mandrels available here - SOLD Separately

Sunnen LBB-1299 Sunnen Rod Hone Cabinet


Mandrels and AG-300 Gage available here - SOLD Separately

110 volt

Kwik-Way RM-100 Rod Boring Machine


Very nice clean machine
complete with tooling as shown
110 volt

Sunnen CRG-750 *updated*


With New Style Clamp
110 volt

Sunnen CRG1110 copy updated clamp kit for Sunnen capgrinder

Made in USA

New aftermarket Made in USA Sunnen CRG1110 copy updated clamp kit for Sunnen CRG750 and CRG780 Cap Grinders, is complete and bolts on.

PMW model 97 Rod Press


New seals in cylinder
Works good