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Resurfacing Machines

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Winona Van Norman 570 rotary broach

with optional flywheel grinding attachment

Winona Van Norman 570 rotary broach with optional flywheel grinding attachment, machine needs good cleaning.

Winona Van Norman M3000 CBN surfacer with variable traverse speed


Machine is in proper working order
220 volt 3 phase
13.5 inch milling width
35 inch capacity

Winona Van Norman SM6000 Head & Block Resurfacer


With New Jamison 18" CBN Milling Head
64 Inch Length Capacity

PMD Head & Block Resurfacer

Rogers 360 model

220 volt 3 phase
$8000 as is
$9500 with NEW CBN milling hub
41" Length capacity
14" diameter grinding/milling

Scledum RSP 2200 LARGE Head & Block Resurfacer


220 volt 3 phase
18" Diameter Grinding Wheel
85" Max grinding length
Machine is 15 FEET LONG !!

RMC-10 CBN Resurfacer


220 volt 3 phase
35" length capacity
variable speed traverse hydraulic
x-y sweep adapter
power column

Winfield fixture DSF-1500


Missing some parts
What you see is what you get
The rest of the parts are available from Joe Baker Equipment

Berco RPY-SL Head & Block Resurfacer


440 volt 3 Phase
63" work piece length capacity
18" Grinding / Milling Head width
Variable speed hydraulic traverse

Comec RP900 MVA CBN Resurfacer


35 inch capacity
220 volt 3 phase
14 inch diameter CBN/PCD milling hub
All standard fixturing for heads and blocks