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Resurfacing Machines

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Peterson 1055AWL Surface Grinder

84" length capacity

18" Grinding Hub
84" Capacity
Power Column
Variable Speed Traverse
220 volt 3 phase

Storm Vulcan 85B Head & Block Surfacer


220 3 phase
Keith Black bought this machine new in 1966
Includes all head and block fixuring shown

DCM TECH HB-3800 Surfacer


Variable speed traverse
220 volt 3 phase
Standard Head & Block Fixturing
38" Capacity

RMC-12 CBN Head & Block Resurfacer

Grind- Mill-CBN

Power Column
X-Y Sweep Adapter
Stock Removal indicator
Touchdown Indicator
Variable Speed Traverse

DCM Tech HB-3800 Surfacer


220 volt 3 phase

DCM Tech HB-3800 Shell Mill


This is a factory DCM Tech shell mill and grinding attachment for the popular HB-3800 surface machine.

Peterson 50F Dry Rock Table Surfacer


220 volt 3 phase
comes with dresser
stone looks good

DCM Tech HB-3800 Head & Block Resurfacer

CBN Milling

38" capacity
220 volt 3 phase
Includes standard head and block setup fixturing

Storm Vulcan / Anderson 1800A Belt Sander


This is the BIG ONE - 40" plus capacity
220 volt 3 phase
20 HP
Comes with LOTS of new spare belts

Kansas Instruments RP-1200 CBN Resurfacer

Very Nice Condition

14" CBN Milling Head
42" Milling Capacity
220 Volt 3 Phase
With Standard Head & Block Tooling