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Cleaning Equipment

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Blast-It-ALL Glassbeader


110 volt
with good bag
40x40 inside

Sunnen / AMPRO Cleaning Oven


includes several pieces of exhaust stacking

PMW 113 Spray washer


220 volt 1 phase
22 inch turntable
33 inch inside height
electric heat

Peterson D-30SE Spraywasher


220 volt 3 phase
38" inside height
26" Turntable
very nice machine out of one man shop

Peterson Machine Tool AB-604A Shotblaster


220 volt 3 phase
10 hp motor
40 inch length capacity
24" diameter
Very nice machine out of 1 man shop

Sioux 710 media tumbler


110 volt

Better Engineering 27x36 capacity

220 volt single phase

Better Engineering 27x36 capacity hard to find single phase power 2HP pump motor, Oil skimmer. $150.00 to crate for shipping

Kwik Way #240 electric hot tank with agitation


Kwik Way #240 electric hot tank with agitation for proper cleaning. Removable basket. Single phase power. See pictures for dimensions.

Kansas Instruments BK17A baking oven


Kansas Instruments BK17A baking oven used to clean blocks and heads etc before blasting. Was being used when removed from shop.

TRINCO Glass Beader 40" X 40"

with Reclaimer

110 volt
40" x 40" inside dimensions
Opens up like a clam shell AND has a side door