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Block Boring and Honing Machines

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Torque Plates


$175 bucks each
V6 plates are cheap !!
Chevys , Fords , and a Pontiac

Rottler small boring head


Fits Rottler Boring Bars
1.5 to 4.1 inch boring range

Sunnen CK10 Cylinder hone


Sunnen CK10 Cylinder hone with standard tooling to hone from 3.00 to 5.00. Needs paint as you can see machine is in proper working order.

Sunnen CK10 Cylinder hone with CH40 line hone wing attachment

10RY2400.10RY2700 line hone mandrels

One Sunnen CK10 Cylinder hone with CH40 line hone wing attachment, 10RY2400.10RY2700 line hone mandrels, standard tooling to hone cylinders from 3.

Kwik Way FWSII Boring Bar & Model 1291 Boring Stand

For Small Engines

Boring Range 1-3/4" to 3-3/4"
12" Stroke
Near MINT Condition !!!!!
110 volt
Boring Bar $4250
Boring Stand $1750

Van Norman 888 Boring Bar


complete with tooling kit and hold down stuff
110 volt
Boring Range 3.480" - 7.536"
18 inch stroke

Small block chevy torque plates


$175 EACH
#6 Pioneer 4.203

Berco Small Boring Head

1.5" to 3.650"

For Use with Berco ACP-151 and ACP-155 Bars
Boring Range 1.5" to 3.650"