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Miscellaneous Equipment

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Sunnen AN-815 Hone Head

for AN Stones

Sunnen AN-600 Honing Head


2.5" to 6.5" Diameter Range

K-Line Valve Guide Liner Kits

$150 each

7mm, 3/8,
6.6mm, 7/16

$150 each

RMC Block True Blueprinting Fixture


maintains crankshaft to camshaft relationship for boring of surfacing
This fixture has never been used

UTP Valve guide Knurler Set


Two available
your choice $125 each

Berco RAC-1500 Camshaft Grinder


Super Nice Condition
perfectly Clean
$63,500 packed up and loaded on a flatbed truck
60" capacity

Speed Reducers

many to chose from

They haven't made these for years

75 bucks each