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Miscellaneous Equipment

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Stuska Dyno Water Brake and Accessories

XS-19 200HP

Also have dyno stand available cheap

XS-19 Water Brake – up to 200HP

Sunnen CF-1126 Setting Fixture


in plastic case

Sunnen CF-1126 Dial Bore Gage Setting Fixture


Kind of dusty could use a good cleaning
comes in steel case

Sunnen CF-1126 Setting Fixture

For Dial Bore Gages

Very Nice!!


Sunnen Dial Bore Gage


Reads in .0005"
2" to 6" Range
includes 4 centering fingers and a steel case

Sunnen GR-9245 Dial Bore Gage


diameter range 1.180" to 2.0"
30mm to 50.8mm

with case

Sunnen Dial Bore Gage 2"-8" range


with plastic case
reads in .0005"

Shop Crane 4 post *LIKE NEW*

18 x 18

includes 110 volt chain hoist
3 years old , hardly used
18 x 18 foot
1000lbs capacity

Sunnen Prestige Series Bench


Mandrels on shelves not included