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New Engine Building Equipment

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Rod Weighing Fixtures & Rod Center

Balancing Supplies - Rod Weighing Fixtures


Piston Fixture Vises

Piston Fixture Vises - Piston Balancing & Lightening Supplies


Universal Bob Weights

Need a formula for a V-6? How about for a 5-cylinder Mercedes? Even a Briggs & Stratton?


Crankshaft Polisher

Spring loaded for ease of changing belt. Belts are the width of crank throws. Polishes up into the radius at the same time.


Cheating Bastard Blast Cabinet

Any media that you now use to duplicate a finish, this compact blast cabinet can handle with ease.


Plastic Media Blast Cabinets

Plastic media blast cabinet is ideal for removing paint from metal


Power Peen Blast Cabinets

Use with plastic media, aluminum oxide, stainless steel shot, and walnut shells.


Shot Peen Blast Cabinet

Used to prepare heads for head gaskets that require a specific, uniform finish.


Soda Blast Cabinets

Get a quick rundown of all the features and benefits offered by 3 ABS Soda Blasters.


Soda Blasters


TCP Blast Cabinets

Run a larger gun and uses the Cyclone system that removes all removed material to a 30 gallon drum.